Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lessons from a Puppy

My husband and I have had the privilege of owning a sweet puppy for almost a year now. Although I have threatened to get rid of her multiple times, yelled at her {neighbors think I'm crazy}, & have shed tears over her, she is certainly growing on us. We consider her our little big baby. Penelope, or Penny for short, has taught me many things in this almost-one-year of having her with us.
- Penny has taught me to accept imperfection. Our dog sheds. Like so much so that we could make another dog out of all the fur that she sheds daily. She also splashes water all over the floor when she is drinking out of her bowl. My house isn't picture-perfect 24/7 and I have learned to be okay with that. I am in NO way saying that I have accepted the mess but it's been good for me to accept the fact that sometimes there will be a couple of treats on the floor & other times your door frame will be torn to shreds. Fix it & move on. Because I know that when kids come, that'll be a different story. Thanks Penny for teaching me this lesson beforehand.
- Penny has taught me to love God's creation. Seeing all of her quirks, her attitude, & the way she thinks makes me stand in awe of God. He is so amazing for making such sweet and loving animals who are gentle enough to be your pet & smart enough to not just sit there like a turtles. Thanks Penny for teaching me to slow down & see God in the little things.
-Penny has taught me that responsibility is hard yet rewarding. Penny has to be walked, fed, & nurtured daily. She needs food in her bowl & water on the side all day long. She can't be ignored for more than a few hours and she needs our love & attention. It's hard but it's so rewarding. We grow and mature when we take on different responsibilities. I can't wait until our future kids can have a pet of their own so that they can learn responsibility too. Thanks PenPen for teaching me responsibilities.
IMG_4478 - Copy (2)
-Penny has taught me that I am not ready for kids. I joke around that I have about a million and one reasons for this. First off, I kinda have a major crush on my husband and I love being around him 24/7. I am aware that kids (though I am told they are worth it) can get in the way of this. We have only been married a year and a few days so I am in no hurry to have kids. Plus, it annoys me when Penny tries to jump on our bed at night. I can't imagine how often kids will do that. Second, we love to travel. Penny has made this difficult for us already because before we leave, we have to make sure she has somewhere to stay and someone trustworthy to watch her. And normally it costs money. And sometimes it gets hectic. Throw a couple of kids in the mix and that would just add to the stress of finding a sitter and would cut our traveling in half or more. Third, I mentioned above that Penny is a lot of responsibility. When she was a baby puppy, we would have to get up in the middle of the night with her to take her outside and were constantly cleaning up after her. Babies need the same thing only 10 times worse. I'm not ready to give up my sleep just yet. I am excited for the day that my husband and I are both ready and excited to bring a baby into our already little family but now isn't the time and we are perfectly okay with having a fur baby instead! Thanks Penny for teaching me that I am selfish and you're already a handful.
-Penny has taught me to enjoy life, carefree and worryfree. Of course, I am still learning this one. She loves to run and play and soak up some sun every chance she gets. She loves to watch birds fly in the sky. She loves to jump and run around in circles. She loves to sit in your lap and kiss {lick} your cheek when you're sick. She is just a carefree dog living it up in a worry-free world. I'm so jealous at times. And then I realize that I am so lucky I'm not covered in fur. Thanks Penny for teaching me to enjoy life more, to run and play and kiss cheeks often.
-Penny has taught me what absolute loyalty & bubbly love looks like. I was a SAHW so I am home with Penny for most of each day. She is attached to my side all day/every day. If I am cooking, she's in the kitchen. If I'm blogging, she's under my feet. If my husband and I are eating breakfast, Penny is eating breakfast below us. If I am getting ready for the day, she is lying on my feet. She loves to be in our presence. It makes me think...
What if I was so in love with Jesus that I longed to be at his feet all day, everyday... if I was completely satisfied and happy in His presence... if I depended on Him for every single thing just like Penny depends on us for her life. These are the things I want to grow in & see become a reality in my heart with the Lord. Thanks Penny for teaching me to rely on Him & be more in love with Him!
What have you learned from your pet? I would love to hear it!


  1. oh my gossshhhh! Your puppy is the soo cute!!! I love how you used that opportunity to allow God to teach you things about Him. I believe if we look for them, there are little glimpses of God everywhere. I don't have a dog but I can tell you how true it is that it would just remind me that I am NOT ready to have kids! I love m husband so much and I would hate to have to share him with kids. At least right now. He's just my best friend and I am not ready to share yet

  2. This is such a sweet post, Katie! I love our boys to the moon and back and couldn't imagine doing life without them!

  3. It's crazy how I love my cat haha! I don't mind cleaning up after him even if it grosses me out sometimes:it's just a natural thing to do when you love your pet (and a baby of course)!

  4. So sweet. It is amazing what an amimal can teach you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my goodness... her ears!! I die! Wayyyyy too cute!


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